Our Little Smiler

7/17/2005 It's hard to know how to caption pictures of Ellie smiling.

I suppose we could go the Look Who's Talking route and attribute some improbably sassy, street-smart commentary to a four-month-old.

Let's give it a try — choose one of the following:

  1. "Talk to the hand"
  2. "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis"
  3. "Straight outta Compton, crazy m*********** named Ice Cube"
  4. none of the above

Yeah, I'd probably go with 4 too.

It's equally difficult to give a real play-by-play commentary, since all that's happening off-camera is a series of silly faces to elicit a response.

In retrospect, perhaps this two-column "let's caption every single snapshot" design wasn't terribly well conceived.

Still, cute kid, huh?

Ellie's First Playdate!

7/16/2005 Our friends Chris and Lisa came down from Placerville with their son Reed (born May 12) to visit, which was the first time Eleanor's had close-up contact with another baby!

They didn't have a whole lot of interaction (not surprising given that neither of them can sit up yet!), but they definitely seemed interested in each other.

It was nice to be able to get together again after an eventful year — the last time we saw them, Jen was pregnant but we hadn't yet realized!

And Ellie likes having new folks around to play with!

Fancy Threads

Ellie's Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Mike bought her a number of very nice gifts when she was born, including one that had to wait until she was big enough to try it on...

A pretty red kimono from Red Envelope!

As you can see from this series, Ellie's mood improved the longer she wore it...

Although a similar case could be made for its sleep-inducing properties.

Out like a light, in high style — that's a contented girl.


any given Saturday In mid-bath, Eleanor wonders who the gum-snapping unshaven hick is, and whether a tip will be required.

Later, Daddy apologizes for his unrecognizably unkempt apearance while Ellie spies something fascinating in the middle distance — Mama's got the camera again!

Mom takes over on drying while Dad again makes with the goofy faces.


Charlie and Ellie share a few traits in common:

an appreciation for a quiet morning with the newspaper;

a frank and open discussion of current events;

the occasional friendly sparring session.

And when the chips are down,

C's got E's back, and vice versa.