HPD Investment Group

This page is for the members of the HPD investment group.

The next meeting will be held at 5:30 pm on Sunday, June 24 at Greg's house.


  • Our Partnership Agreement (January 11, 2006), and previous version (February 28, 1999).

  • A big ol' spreadsheet of over 1,800 stocks, with 5-year growth rates for revenues (as of July 1997), earnings, dividends, "total return" (which I think incorporates stock price and dividends paid), 12-month growth rate of earnings per share, and more "total return" numbers. Lots of data if you're into sifting it. Download CSV, suitable for importing into various databases or spreadsheets, or Microsoft Excel format.

  • News and analysis of our current holdings and possible purchases, including Stock Analyzer reports.

  • The first version of Gary's Stock Selection Guide template for Excel is now available.

I'm still trolling for suggestions.

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