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Valueline Investment Survey

One of the most valuable tools to an investor is the ValueLine Investment
Survey. Basically it's a subscription based series of booklets that review
Public Companies. I can all but guarantee that you'll be using the
ValueLine as your main resource when researching potential purchases for
HPD. Each page is devoted to a single company, and that page is jam-packed
with info on that company (if you've ever seen one, you know what I mean).
A subscription to ValueLine is around $800 a year. If that seems like a
lot to you, worry not! 

The public library to the rescue!!

I did a little phone work, and found out that most of the library systems
in the area maintain subscriptions to the ValueLine. Find the system
nearest you, and read on...

Basically, it's the same procedure wherever you go. Go to the REFERENCE
DESK, and ask for the ValueLine. You must surrender your driver's license
while you look at the ValueLine. This book is probably the most popular
resource at every branch in every system. There may be a time limit as
well, you'll have to ask... 


Each branch maintains their own copy.


Only two branches carry it:

Burke - 370-6050
Barrett - 838-4555


They weren't certain, but the list they read me convinced me that they
keep a copy at almost every branch; certainly there's a copy at each
REGIONAL branch...

No librarian I spoke with had a problem w/ xeroxing the ValueLine. In
fact, a couple encouraged it... Keep this in mind at those branches w/
time constraints...