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By the time you read this I'll be on a plane . . .

No, but really - 
I wonít be able to attend the Jan 6th meeting  (Iíll be in Frankfurt
through the 9th).  However, I have thoughtfully provided the following
contingency plan:

Jim - I have left all materials with you (Including copies of Ceres
info, balance sheets, and my latest $40 installment) at Global One.  I
also leave in your hands the grave responsibility of investment
decisions (at least my vote) - Decide well!

Gary - Please deposit this monthís take as per usual.  Please leave with
Jim a listing of who, how much, and check numbers.

Greg - You should be authorized to handle any stock purchase.  Please
let me know of the transaction details to be duly recorded.  Anyway, I
could always do the stock purchase Thurs PM, or Fri.

Iíve also provided a first run of simple (Quicken) reports.  Feedback
gladly accepted.

I apologize for the short notice.  I initially thought Iíd be leaving
Tues.  I hope this is OK.

-- Matt

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