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Re: Anyone else noticing?!?!?

Gainer_Greg@hq.navsea.navy.mil wrote:
>      ... that Cisco is up 2 3/8 so far, and it's not even 1pm!
>      Why? this is all I could find in today's news:
>      http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/97/01/14/csco_x000_1.html

That's a big order from USAA:  "The project, estimated to be completed
by December 1998 will consist of approximately 1,200 Catalyst 5000 LAN
switches, 75+ LightStream 1010 ATM campus switches, 50+ Cisco 7500
routers and a wide range of other Cisco products."

Thanks for the URL, Greg.  I hadn't noticed the stock price today, but I
did notice DIGEX announcing yesterday that they were looking at using
Cisco's tag switching technology on their national network.  DIGEX uses
Cicso equipment exclusively, and as far as I can tell they're the first
big ISP to say they're going to use tag switching (or at least look at

Going by what I've gleaned from Cisco's Web page, tag switching is a way
of efficiently moving IP packets over an ATM switch infrastructure.  The
technology has gotten good reviews from the technical community --
Cisco's got a quote from Bob Metcalfe (inventor of ethernet and frequent
prognosticator of doom for the Internet) saying that tag switching is
the only way the Internet will ever support voice and video.

If anybody knows any other news, I'm interested in hearing it. 
Otherwise I'll assume the stock's up because of the USAA announcement,
and maybe the DIGEX announcement...