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Minutes of the January meeting

I've been appointed honorary club secretary for the month by Sean, the
official secretary.  I thought I'd try sending out the minutes by
e-mail, so we'll all have an official record, and can maybe save some
time reading them at the start of the next meeting.

The HPD Investment Group (L.P., TM) met at Jim O'Connor's house on
January 6.  We began at 8:20 or so, with Greg Gainer, Greg May, Jim
O'Connor, David Parnigoni, Joe Thomas, Sean Thomas, and Gary Walker

Club treasurer Matt Olsen was away on business, but left some
spreadsheets with Jim, which he distributed.  Everyone's past
contributions have now been tallied.


Gary brought a friend whose name I forgot to write down.  He asked, and
we answered, some good questions about investment clubs in general, and
our goals for our club.  There are currently eight of us, and I think
everyone agrees that it would be nice to have a few more.  The goal of
buying a stock every meeting would be easier to meet with more than
the $320 that's currently coming into the club every month.


Everyone's looking for the ideal free Web site for historical stock
price information, particularly the high and low prices for past years.
People who find good sites are encouraged to send them to
hpd@woodland.org.  Jim O'Connor said he'd look into some of the
commercial services and see what looks good.  Jim also has a CompuServe
account at work that consistently has free minutes left over at the end
of the month, and he's offered to use the account for stock research for

Stock Research Presentations:

Jim O'Connor had a nearly complete Stock Selection Guide for Home Depot,
which looks like a buy.

David Parnigoni had a Stock Checklist partially done for Southwest
Airlines, which shows sales and earnings growth of 10-15%.

Gary Walker, Sean Thomas, and Greg May didn't have any further research
to present for Wackenhut Corrections at this meeting, nor did Joe Thomas
(that's me) have anything new for Ascend.  Unfortunately, we've missed
a nice little run-up in Ascend in the last month.  But Cisco, which we
bought in December, hasn't been doing too badly, either.

Gary has been looking into Alza Corp., a pharmaceutical maker whose
products include a transdermal testosterone delivery system that is
applied to the scrotum.  Gary predicts 30% growth possible, and will
have more information at the next meeting.


In addition to Alza, Gary will work with Sean and Greg May to have
something to present to the club about Wackenhut.  Greg May would also
like to look into stocks under $5 per share.  Jim will be prepared
with info on Home Depot.  Dave and Joe will take Southwest.  Gary was
asked to e-mail his Stock Selection Guide Excel spreadsheet to the
group, which he has already done as of this writing.

The next meeting was set for 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 16, at
David Parnigoni's house.  Two hours having elapsed, we adjourned at
10:20 p.m.

Speaking for myself, I think these long, somewhat rambling meetings
are likely to scare off potential members, never mind the waste
of our own time.  I suggest that we all try to save the amusing
anecdotes that are only marginally relevant until after we've finished
club business.  We should be able to get that done that within an hour,
and I always enjoy the banter more when I don't have one eye on the
clock.  If that isn't persuasive, try to imagine how long our meetings
would take with four more members.  Thank you.

Additions, comments, and corrections to these minutes are welcome.