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FLASH: PointCast To Suck Less

Another reason to put up with the PointCast Advertising Network...


Over 1.5 Million PointCast Network Viewers Gain Direct Access To E*TRADE
And Free Investment And Competitive Intelligence Data

Contact: Steve Lipson, River Communications 914-591-5599 rcinc@aol.com

PALO ALTO, California -- January 22, 1997 -- E*TRADE Group, Inc.(Nasdaq:
EGRP), a leading provider of online investing services, today announced
that more than 1.5 million PointCast Network™ viewers will be able to
link directly to E*TRADE, where they can receive free research reports
on more than 7,000 stocks and invest online at low commission rates.
E*TRADE is the first online investing service to integrate its content
into the PointCast Network.

PointCast Network viewers can easily access E*TRADE's reports through
links on Companies channel news stories (channels refer to major
information categories). The reports provide detailed financial data on
the company covered in the story. E*TRADE supplies lengthier versions of
the company reports to its investors as part of its suite of value-added
news, research, market analysis, charts, data and analytical services.
The E*TRADE links on PointCast are scheduled to be available later this

"PointCast Network viewers will find that the key company fundamentals
and analyst forecasts contained in these reports are a perfect
complement to the timely news they already receive from PointCast today,
says Rebecca L. Patton, E*TRADE Senior Vice President of Marketing and
Communications. "These company reports give PointCast Network viewers a
sampling of the in-depth research tools that E*TRADE customers receive
free of charge."

Among the key data features of the E*TRADE company reports supplied by
BASELINE Financial Services ™ are:
	Stock price charts featuring a full two years of data.
	Business overview.
	Earnings for the most recent quarter and 12-month period.
	First Call earnings estimates.
	Revenues for the most recent quarter and 12-month period.
	Dividend payments and yield data, including increases during the
	past five years.
	Market capitalization, including percentage held by
	institutions, average daily trading volume and
	debt-to-capitalization ratio.
	Key valuation measures, including price/earnings, price/book,
	price/sales and price/cash flow ratios, return on equity and
	market beta.

"Our partnership with E*TRADE emphasizes PointCast's commitment to
serving the business consumer," says Joe Perna, PointCast Director of
Content. "The addition of a link to E*TRADE and company reports from
PointCast's Companies Channel gives our viewers access to key company
fundamentals and analyst forecasts."

E*TRADE is offering PointCast Network viewers who establish an E*TRADE
account a free first trade.

The PointCast Network can be downloaded at http://www.pointcast.com.
E*TRADE's Web site is located at http://www.etrade.com.