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DATEK discussion

It seems like a good deal. Greg has received a lot of testimonials from
individuals who've used Datek. So far, no one has anything negative to say
about Datek that would impact our club.

All things being equal, I rather like the idea of switching.

However, I read Matt's reply and I think I know EXACTLY where he's coming
from. To close the Ceres account, receive the balance in the form of a
check, contact Datek, open a new account, get two signatures, send the
check in, wait for them to contact us and tell us we can begin trades... 

Really, it sounds like a royal pain! A treasurer's job is probably the
most task intensive job in the club!! And it's not like someone else can
volunteer to do it instead of Matt. He's the point of contact with Ceres,
he'd have to be the point of contact for Datek, etc...

If our previous history is any indication, we will have maybe 3 or 4
trades before elections. This amounts to $36 of savings if we switch now.


I suggest that we wait until either:



Matt becomes so bored with his current set of tasks that he's begging us
to switch to a new online trading service...

This has been my two cents,