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Re: DATEK discussion

borealis wrote:

> If our previous history is any indication, we will have maybe 3 or 4
> trades before elections. This amounts to $36 of savings if we switch now.
> ho-hum.
> I suggest that we wait until either:
> Elections
> or
> Matt becomes so bored with his current set of tasks that he's begging us
> to switch to a new online trading service...

Hmmm. In general, I agree with your take on the situation -- but we may
want to rethink the schedule for elections. As you know, the June
meeting will be the last one I'll be attending in person (barring an HPD
meeting before the traditional Gainer X-mas party!), and while we may
all have high hopes for virtual attendance, it seems evident that the
secretary's job isn't going to be best served by remote. If we're going
to elect a new secretary at the next meeting anyway, maybe we should
consider the merits of holding all elections at once.

Not really apropos of the trading account question, but them's _my_ two
cents. (Which brings the pot to four cents total -- can we get that in
an interest-bearing account?)