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damage report

Most of you have heard of the record plunge in the Dow yesterday (192+
pts). I heard an analyst on the radio add that it was the most evenly
distributed "slaughter" he'd ever seen (meaning no one segment or industry
escaped the mayhem) ...and yet the meticulously hand picked stocks by the
wizards of Wall Street, the Sultans of Small Caps, aka H-P-D (somebody say
amen!) came out smelling pretty darn good. Our total portfolio is down
about one percent, or half the losses of most stocks.

Now that I've gone overboard, I should mention that there were predictions
of another day or two of selling/profit-taking before the market stabilizes. 

Anyone want to run the numbers on a stock or two? I can be free most
evenings (except Thursday). Gary and I are talking about getting a group
together and going over filling out an SSG before the next meeting. Email
if interested.


Ps. Apache and Home Depot were both mentioned favorably in the Post
recently. (Must be 'cause we bought 'em).