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Re: Happy Hour

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Gregory R. May wrote:

> All are invited to a Bardo happy hour tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Mai has
> invited a host of new folks, and most will be arriving after 7 p.m., but
> the Bardo is, as we all know, open WELL before then. 
> Hope to see you all there (sorry, Joe & Sean, but you can't come).

Excuse me, but is the HPD mailing list _really_ the appropriate venue for
this sort of thing? If some among our group choose to indulge in this
demon Liquor, I say do so at your own peril, but don't drag me into your
den of iniquity! I for one will not stand idly by while pixilated ruffians
tarnish the intended purpose of our correspondence with talk of gin

Those grapes were probably sour anyway,

Sean "Montgomery Burns" Thomas