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quarterly earnings...

In case you haven't noticed, there's been a lot of activity in the markets
over the past few days -most of it good (for HPD). A lot of the reason for
this seems to be that it's the 'Quarterly earnings report' season. I found
that Money magizine has posted a schedule of all companies, report dates,
and Wall street's expectations.

Whenever a company's earnings fail to meet expectations, (even by a cent or
two) their stock price tends to plummet. When it exceeds expextations, it
usually does quite well. I looked up our holdings. We may see great
activity leading up to, and on the day of the report.

Alza Corp,        AZA,   970717,   0.3  << actually was 7/15; at .03; on
Service Corp In,  SRV,   970722,   0.31
Wackenhut Crctn,  WHC,   970724,   0.12	
Apache Corp,      APA,   970724,   0.3
Papa Johns Intl,  PZZA,  970729,   0.22

Home Depot (HD) and Cisco Systems CSCO were not listed. I think they both
are on a different fiscal year, having released 10Q reports last month. 

Money also has an earnings estimator site. Just type in the company. All of
out stocks come up as moderate or strong buys here: