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Stock for Consideration

By now, Sharon should have received the Stock Check List and Stock
Selection Guide that Joe and I completed for Robert Half International
(NYSE: RHI), for the group's consideration at Wednesday's meeting. We have
also faxed ValueLine's data on RHI (hope it's legible).

Briefly, RHI deals in specialized staffing -- if you've ever heard of
Accountemps, that's one of their divisions, as is the Affiliates, which
provides legal staffing. They've done very well recently, due to the
outsourcing boom of recent years. (Interested parties might want to check
out their Web site at http://www.rhii.com/ .)

As you'll see, we have projected two sets of trend lines and completed two
scenarios for the Evaluating Risk and Reward section. This is because
RHI's five-year history is significantly more positive than its ten-year

Based on a five-year analysis, one could expect 40% sales growth, 47% E/S
growth, and a 6-to-1 up-side down-side ratio. But RHI was hit hard by the
early 90s' recession, and trend lines based on data since '87 are not as
positive: 24% sales growth, 13% E/S growth, and an up-side down-side ratio
of 0.4-to-1. The bottom line is that -- at its recent price of 50.5 --
it's a strong buy in the first scenario, and a sell in the second.

Obviously, we can't be there in person to go to bat for this one, and
we're aware that there will probably be other stock reports presented. But 
we feel that RHI's specialized services would protect them against any
potential slump in the general temping industry, and we advise a purchase.
If anyone has any specific questions about the stock, please let us know
and we'll try to get an answer by Wednesday night.

Hope it's a good meeting (we'll miss ya),

The Brothas