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HPD: New stuff!

Hi folks,

I've heard that the last meeting went well, and that there are some more
potential new members.  Glad to hear it!  The Thomas brothers miss you
out here in sunny (then foggy, then sunny again) San Francisco.

Now, as promised in the subject line: New stuff!

I've added a new section to the HPD web site, which I'm calling "News
and Analysis."  It includes links to Yahoo! and NETworth information on
all of our current holdings -- please send me URLs of any other pages
you like to use for checking up on our stocks.
It also includes links to Stock Analyzer files -- thanks to Gary for
typing them all in.

You can find it at http://www.woodland.org/hpd/analyzer/

The curious or technically inclined can read on...

The page is generated by a Perl script called index.cgi.  It looks up
our current holdings in a text file that contains the company name and
stock symbol of all the stocks we hold.  It also uses the member
database file that Gary created to look up the name of the person who
did the Stock Analyzer (SA) file.

The program walks through the directories and includes links to any
appropriately named .stk files it finds. (Files are named like
"symb-jt.stk", where "symb" is the stock symbol of the company being
analyzed, and "jt" are my initials, assuming I'm the one who entered the
data into the Stock Analyzer.)

There are a couple thing I want to add pretty quickly:

1) A way for it to look up the company name of stocks in the "under
consideration" category.  For the "current holdings," I've got the stock
symbols and names in a text file.  It would be nice to have it get the
info from somebody's Web site.  This will be tricky, but very useful --
I can probably use the same code to get current price quotes...

2) An "upload" feature for SA files.  I'm thinking about an HTML form
    * a small text entry box for the stock symbol
    * a drop-down list to choose your name, and
    * a button that brings up a file-picker dialog box
This is a lot easier than number 1), so it will probably get done first.

Send me any other feature requests, and let me know what you think of it
all.  If you want to check out the code, it's called index.cgi, and you
can grab it by FTP from www.woodland.org, username "hpd", password
"caveatemptor" (of course!).