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Glassman's Column for July 27 1997

Those of you who read the Post likely already know about James Glassman's
column, Your Money, which can be found each Sunday in the Business Section.
Usually his column contains a sidebox in which he mentions several stocks
someone important (you decide how to interpret that word) has recommended
recently. Often I copy these down and xerox Value Line or S&P sheets for
each one of these, just to see what the SSG will make of them. It's good
way to practice analyzing stocks; each time I learn a bit more about what
I'm doing. 

I would recommend that you try the same thing. If you feel you'd be
duplicating effort, find another source for recommendations. Try Wall
Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, Forbes, Kiplinger's, Money, etc.
All of these are found in the local library, so you don't even have to buy
anything... However, each one of us will have a different interpretation of
the numbers, so I doubt we'd really be duplicating effort if you went and
checked out Glassman's picks. 

This week he mentions 15 selections that Smith-Barney thinks have the best
performance potential for the next 12 months. I am pleased to report that
Cisco is among them.

Among the rest, I noticed that two of them were mentioned in other
literature that I read. I found it significant that two completely
different sources cited these stocks. While I'm well aware that most of us
have plenty of things to do before the next meeting, I took the liberty of
uploading Stock Analyzer files for each of these stocks which I had done
about two weeks ago right after downloading Stock Analyzer.

The two stocks are Dresser Industries (DI) and Duke Power (DUK). If any of
you want to explore these stocks, please feel encouraged to do so. 

If anyone wants to get together for SSG or Stock Analyzer fun(?!?), email
or call me and let's set up a time. If anyone would like to accompany me or
someone else to the library, use this email address so we can all consider