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stock presentation checklist

Here is a rough list of alternative information that you might want to
consider giving when presenting a stock at a meeting. This is a
work-in-progress (aren't they all). 

There are a lot of handy sources for this type of data, please email me
with some suggestions.


Checklist for presenting a stock for consideration: All that is required is
a completed Stock Selection Guide (SSG) or equivalent. Other items on this
list are reinforcement to help convince the rest of the group, let us sleep
well, etc.. Sub paragraphs are suggestions or examples of where to get some
of the data. Please email if you find other or better sources. 

1. Completed SSG (or equivalent) for the stock (required).

2. Others' estimates  
- http://www.stocksmart.com/  -enter the stock, go to the 'Stocks -Primary'
table, click on the company ticker, check the earnings, surprise, and
recommendations data.

3. Industry overview- industry performance (5 yr.)
- http://www.wsrn.com/home/companyResearch.html  -enter stock, go to
'Research, Reports & Summaries:' section, click on 'Industry Comparison',
'CorpTech Reports, and 
-hit http://www.stocksmart.com/  -enter the stock, go to the 'Stocks
-Primary' table, click on the company name, check the chart and other
-Valuline and S&P company reports often have industry related data.

4. Competition: Industry leaders' performance (fill out separate SSGs, or
get a 'snapshot' chart or data)

5. Additional information on what sets this stock apart: buisness
strategies, practices, etc.

6. Information on management, (incl. stock ownership), or other indicators
of company stability.