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[Fwd: Comparison with Datek]

Hummmm!  Comments?
I'd like to reply with a few questions, but first I want to solicit and
incorporate any feedback.  At current rate, accumulation of $5000 could
take up to 10 meetings, however membership changes, and higher
contribution rates (especially for newer, sub-par :-), members) could
dramatically impact that.

-- Matt

Matt Olson                                UUNet Technologies
Snr. Network Engineer                     Dial Access Group
matto@uu.net                              1-703-645-4317

Ceres currently offers, in conjunction with AOL $8 flat rate trades on
the Internet.  
In order for existing clients to get the new AOL promotion, they have to
open a brand new account with a new $5000 minimum deposit.  The funds
cannot be transferred from the existing account to the new account.
Also, Ameritrade does not allow one customer to maintain two margin
accounts.  Therefore, one account would be a cash account, and the
other, a margin account.  If you have additional questions, please

>From: 	Matt Olson[SMTP:matto@UU.NET]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, August 27, 1997 11:44 AM
>To: 	Ceres Info
>Cc: 	hpd@woodland.org
>Subject: 	Comparison with Datek
>I currently maintain an account with Ceres, as treasurer of an
>investment club.   We are seriously considering closing our Ceres
>account, and transfering to Datek.  Datek offers on-line trading, on all
>major markets, with highly competetitive service guarantees, etc. - at a
>$9 per trade flat fee.
>Given this -
>* What argument(s) could you provide for staying with Ceres?
>* Are you able to match the $9 flat fee?
>Thank You,
>-- Matt Olson