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next HPD meeting...

...is this Sunday, Sept. 21st, 6pm at Mike Hughes' house. (I think the
Redskins have a 'buy' (bye?) this week -so we won't miss anything).

A number of you have been asking when it was. Now you know. According to my
notes, we'll be reporting on anything newsworthy with regard to our stocks.
I have it broken down this way:

HD	Jim
WHC	Greg M.
AZA	Gary
APA	Nancy
SRV	Greg G.
PZZA	Mike Hughes

I figure each person will spend a minute or so addressing anything going on
with the company or the stock. Some will have nothing to report. Some might
need to report a lot. I neglected to assign anyone to cover the stocks we
just voted to buy; ORCL and THI... any takers? If not, I'll cover them this

See you Sunday.