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Don't forget! (HPD)

Don't forget the HPD meeting: This Sunday, 6:00pm, Mike Hughes' house. I've
appended the agenda text at the bottom of this email.

You might look at the markets today. This afternoon, (on this -the third
Friday at the end of the quarter) is also known as the "Triple witching
hour". (when future's contracts expire, and the market can move anywhere
fast). It might turn your stomach and test your faith -like any good roller

Here is my agenda-in-progress:
September 21, 1997
HPD meeting agenda

Old minutes (additions, corrections) -Sharon

Old Business:
	Treasurer's Report: Balance and holdings -Matt
	DATEK account: status? -Matt
	Dave Parnigoni (buy-out, Oct. (@Oct. value))
	Partnership operating procedures -comments, discussion?
	Current Holdings Reports:
	APA 		- Nancy
	AZA 		- Gary
	CSCO 		- Matt
	HD 		- Jim
	ORCL 		-? (Greg G.)
	PZZA 		- Mike
	SRV 		- Greg G.
	THI 		- Greg M.
	WHC 		- Greg M.

New Business:

	New Members, (Q&A?)
	Stock Analyzer (shareware) -Group license? Update? -Jim? Gary?
	Checks to Matt
	Stock reports:
	-Retirement Communities -Sharon, Nancy, Gary
	-HBOC, et al -Greg G. and Matt
	-RHI [split pays Sept. 26th]
	-Richfood/ other food producers -Gary
	-BFI/ other waste mgt. -Al?
	-Industry to research for August meeting: Y2K? Finance?

Next meeting time, place:



see you Sunday.