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Help me out here...

These are my poor sketchy notes from our meeting. (Since Sharon could not
attend, I tried to keep track of what we did). For those who attended,
please email me any additions or corrections, especially anything I left
out regarding current holdings reports. Thanks

HPD: September 21, 1997, 6pm meeting:

Attendees: Mike H., Greg M., Greg G., Nancy M., Matt O., Al S., Gary W.

Old Business:
Treasurer's Report: HPD shares went up ~.1 %, reports distributed.
DATEK account has been established, but more paperwork has to be sent in.
Dave Parnigoni: we will buy-out, in Oct. (@Oct. value)
Current Holdings Reports:
APA 	-fields are producing
AZA 	-we will be receiving 2 shares of Crescendo [Nasdaq: CNDO]
(CNDO a new co. formed by AZA)
CSCO	-is developing Gigaswitch -(more stable than Ascend's)
HD 	-sexual discrimination suit settled out of court
ORCL 	-qtr. report released. brokerage downgraded ORCL from str.buy to buy,
stock went down 9%, has regained ~5% since.
PZZA 	-nothing to report
SRV 	-new officers appointed, buying more shares of Arbor Memorial (Canada)
THI 	-selected to supply model blood facility in China
WHC 	-won new contracts, and is doing continuing education in Australia, 
(new?) Scottish project, 2 NM prisons started, OK prison started. -these
are first time WHC is doing construction. This will add a little risk but
better profitability.

New Business:
-Al reported on U. S. Filter Corp [USF], looks good. He will have more info
next meeting
-Industries discussed for possible research for next meeting: Y2K, Finance

Next meeting will be at the Gainer's home, October 26th at 6pm.