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New "live" HPD valuation page

Hi folks,

I've added a new page to our HPD web site that gives "live" updated
valuations of each members' share of our portfolio.  You can find it as
a link off of the "private" page, or at


Of course, the numbers it gives are unofficial, since the only price you
can buy "shares" of HPD at are determined by our treasurer, prior to
each meeting.  In particular, the cash holdings for each of our accounts
are likely to be wrong, since I don't keep track of any expenses the
club may be paying.  But after each meeting, I'll use Matt's data to
update the page.  I'll assume that any money collected is deposited to
the Presidential account, unless I hear otherwise.

Some of you have seen this page before, when I told you about it in
e-mail.  It was down for a while, but I think I've got it running
smoothly now.  I find it's useful for getting price updates for my
Quicken portfolio.  (My club holdings are represented as a "mutual fund"
with the bogus symbol "*HPD."  I stumbled through a few different,
labor-intensive ways to track club stuff with Quicken, and this way is
by far the easiest.  If you're a puzzled Quicken user and want details
on how to do this, just ask.)


P.S. If anyone wants a look at the Perl 5 code behind this page, let me
know.  It talks to our HPD database and to Yahoo!'s quote server on the