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HPD reminder...

Just a reminder the next meeting is this Sunday, October 26th, 6:pm, my
place. Fellow members Joe and Sean will be joining us by phone, so we'll be
starting promptly. Here is my agenda-in-progress (look for your name, and
come prepared!). 
October 26, 1997
HPD meeting agenda

Old minutes (additions, corrections) -Sharon (Greg?)

Old Business:
	Treasurer's Report: Balance and holdings -Matt
	DATEK / Ameritrade: report, status? -Matt
	Dave Parnigoni buy-out: write check
	Stock Analyzer (Bob King's shareware) -Group license? Update? -Jim? Gary?
	Partnership operating procedures -comments, discussion?
	Prodigy: Free trades? -Greg M.
	Current Holdings Reports:
	APA 		- Nancy
	AZA 		- Gary
	CSCO 		- Matt
	HD 		- Jim
	ORCL 		- Gary
	PZZA 		- Mike
	SRV 		- Greg G.
	THI 		- Greg M.
	WHC 		- Greg M.
	CNDO		- ? (Greg G.)

New Business:
	New Members, (Q&A?)
	Coming officer elections (to be held November?)	
	New Web page developments
	Checks to Matt
	Stock reports:
	-RHI ? 
	-Retirement Communities -Sharon, Nancy, Gary
	-HBOC, et al -Greg G. and Matt
	-Richfood/ other food producers -Gary
	-USF/ other waste, pollution mgt. -Al?
	-Industry to research for next meeting: Y2K? Finance?

Next meeting time, place: 	[Sundays: Nov.16, 23, 30 / Dec.28?]


Email me any additions or corrections. Thanks.

See you Sunday.