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Re: Wazzup w/THI?

Gregory R. May wrote:

> I'd also like to make sure that I'm not crazy, and that our large loss on
> THI does not reflect the split on Halloween, and that in reality we are
> only down about 4%? How many shares of THI do we now own?

Split-adjusted, we own 46 shares, I think.  I adjusted our holdings on the
dynamic valuation page (http://www.woodland.org/hpd/db.cgi) from 37 shares to
46, based on the 5 for 4 split.  The portfolio that you see when you click on
the big "HPD Portfolio" button (that is, the NETworth portfolio) is out of
date, though.  Quicken has changed their portfolio software, and made our old
portfolio "read only," but I haven't had a chance to look at their new
system, or try to figure out how to make it conveniently accessible from our
page.  So right now, you can't trust the NETworth portfolio, at least as far
as THI is concerned.  It also doesn't show our RHI holdings.

By my calculations, we're down about 8% on THI.  You might see a %Gain/Loss
column on the db.cgi page soon...