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Sunday agenda

Don't forget the meeting this Sunday: 6pm at Sharon's place. I'll bring the
speaker phone in case the brothers thomas join us. Here's the agenda
(notice the officer elections part). If I've left anything out, email me

See you Sunday.


November 16, 1997
HPD meeting agenda

Old minutes (additions, corrections) -Sharon 

Old Business:
Treasurer's Report: Balance and holdings -Matt
Dave Parnigoni - check delivered?
Partnership operating procedures [esp. elections] comments, discussion?
Current Holdings Reports:
	APA 		- Nancy
	AZA 		- Gary
	CNDO		- Gary
	CSCO 		- Matt
	HD 		- Jim
	ORCL 		- Gary?
	PZZA 		- Mike 
	SRV 		- Greg G.
	THI 		- Greg M.
	WHC 		- Greg M.
	RHI		- ???

New Business:
New Members, (Q&A?)
Checks to Matt
Officer elections	
Assign December 12 month stock review: CSCO
	-Calendar for other reviews?
Stock reports:
	-Retirement Communities -Sharon, Nancy, Gary
	-HBOC, et al -Greg G. and Matt
	-USF/ other waste, pollution mgt. -Al?
	-Industry to research for next meeting: Y2K? Finance?

Next meeting time, place: 	[Sunday, Dec.28?]