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E-mail virus hoaxes

Nancy, I hope you don't think I'm picking on you when I suggest that anyone
tempted to forward a "virus warning" e-mail to our mailing list should check


Briefly, you can't get a computer virus just by reading an e-mail message.
Viruses could be sent in attachments, but no sane e-mail program will run
these attachments for you without asking you first.  You *should* be
suspicious of running a program attached to e-mail received from strangers,
but there's no reason to be afraid of simply reading the message.

The URL above also has links to articles debunking the ubiquitous "Make
Money Fast" chain letter, another one that promises that money will somehow
be donated to cancer research if you forward the message, and a number of
other examples of the breed.  Please don't forward any of them.