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Stock Analyzer license update

Okay, it's official from Bob King that we can deduct Jim's $20 from the
Stock Analyzer license fee.  I've sent him all the codes I've received
(except for Mike Hughes' -- please resend, Mike, I seem to have lost yours).

Also, please note that these codes will only work for the serial numbers you
sent.  And you get a different serial number every time you install the
software.  So to use it on two different computers, you'll need to send two
different serial numbers.  Bob says no problem, just send the numbers along.
I'll be happy to collect them again, and send them off in a single e-mail.

Matt (or Gary, if the torch and checkbook have been passed to a new
treasurer), please send a check for $80 to

Bob King
7 Alles Court
Flemington, NJ 08822

I'll pass along the unlocking codes as soon as I receive them.


-----Forwarded Message-----
From: Bob King <bobking_homepage@compuserve.com>
To: Joe Thomas <jthomas@eunice.wwire.net>
Date: Friday, December 05, 1997 6:53 PM
Subject: Serial numbers for investment club members


In response to your email, you can apply the original $20 to your club
membership and forward the remaining $80.  I will forward registration
numbers in a following email.  If you want to use SA in two locations, I
will provide additional unlocking codes.

Bob King
Kingsoft, Inc.