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Buy Oracle?

You may have noticed that Oracle (ORCL) has plummeted in the last few days.
It's down 42% from where we bought a few months ago. From what I've been
able to glean from the news this is for two reasons.

1) Oracle's quarterly report did not meet Wall street expectations. This
always seems to push the price down sharply in the short term. Since we're
long term investors, and the long term figures are unusually attractive, I
think this seems to be a good buying opportunity.

2) Sales are down in the troubled Asian countries. I heard a radio report
(maybe All Things Considered) that stated Asia represents 15% of Oracle's
market. I would think this is also relatively short term. Even in a
recession some people buy Cadillacs, so it's not like that segment will
drop to zero. Secondly, Oracle products are not luxury items, they are
tools that can help achieve greater efficiency - something I think there
will be substantial demand for in businesses in recovering economies.

I am sure Oracle stock will bottom out soon (it may have already). It might
be worth considering buying some more. We might not even want to wait until
the meeting. Oracle may be a better buy because of the bargain price than
USF, HBOC, Manorcare (sp?), Richfood, or some of the other stocks we've
been championing.

According to the "live" HPD Portfolio, we have over $1k in cash (most in
Presidential). Matt/Gary, could we move most of this to Ameritrade so that
we can act swiftly -whatever we decide?

What do you think? I could be wrong about Oracle. This might be a major
shift in their outlook, not a blip in the big picture. 

Thanks for your time.

Greg "only the Vice president" Gainer