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No, Don't....(?)

Here's more on the situation from the Motley Fool evening news...
Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq; ORCL) dropped $9 7/16 to $22 15/16 after the
second-largest independent vendor of software blew its second quarter
numbers. The firm earned $0.19 per share, four cents short of consensus
estimates and only a meager penny above last year. The company blamed
currency exchange woes. About 14% of the 15% revenue growth in
the Asia-Pacific region and 11% of the 35% revenue growth in Europe were
nullified by shifting exchange rates. In a conference call the company said
exchange issues would cut revenue growth by 4-5% next quarter. Management
described the telecommunications market as "saturated" -- unfortunate given
that this has been one of Oracle's biggest growth drivers. Analysts tripped
all over themselves today in an effort to downgrade the stock as volume in
the shares hit an all-time record volume of 172 million shares traded.
Although Oracle is far from bankrupt, confidence in the management team has
been shattered, causing many investors to question every aspect of Oracle's
strategy. The long shadow of the firm's 1990 accounting debacle that caused
shares to tumble more than 75% during the year is still vivid in the minds
of many institutional investors. 
Maybe ORCL is a bad buy long term, maybe not. I'd still like feedback.
Shall we just deal with it at the meeting? 

Greg "Waffle King?" Gainer