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Re: Buy Oracle?

I'll move funds tomorrow AM.  Either way this is probably not a bad idea
(though generally, I've been aggregating).

As to the question of Oracle purchase, my sense is a resounding
'maybe'.  I think that the database market (and especially Oracle's
share) may be somewhat mature, and entering a period of lessened
growth.  But I dunno, and I'm pretty much brain dead now any way.
Presumably, the collective whole has reached consensus in my absense,
and I'll see the answer further down in my e-mail pile.

PS - I will emerge from scholastic / work / Interop hell next week.

-- Matt

Greg Gainer (contractor) wrote:

> You may have noticed that Oracle (ORCL) has plummeted in the last few
> days.
> It's down 42% from where we bought a few months ago. From what I've
> been
> able to glean from the news this is for two reasons.
> 1) Oracle's quarterly report did not meet Wall street expectations.
> This
> always seems to push the price down sharply in the short term. Since
> we're
> long term investors, and the long term figures are unusually
> attractive, I
> think this seems to be a good buying opportunity.
> 2) Sales are down in the troubled Asian countries. I heard a radio
> report
> (maybe All Things Considered) that stated Asia represents 15% of
> Oracle's
> market. I would think this is also relatively short term. Even in a
> recession some people buy Cadillacs, so it's not like that segment
> will
> drop to zero. Secondly, Oracle products are not luxury items, they are
> tools that can help achieve greater efficiency - something I think
> there
> will be substantial demand for in businesses in recovering economies.
> I am sure Oracle stock will bottom out soon (it may have already). It
> might
> be worth considering buying some more. We might not even want to wait
> until
> the meeting. Oracle may be a better buy because of the bargain price
> than
> USF, HBOC, Manorcare (sp?), Richfood, or some of the other stocks
> we've
> been championing.
> According to the "live" HPD Portfolio, we have over $1k in cash (most
> in
> Presidential). Matt/Gary, could we move most of this to Ameritrade so
> that
> we can act swiftly -whatever we decide?
> What do you think? I could be wrong about Oracle. This might be a
> major
> shift in their outlook, not a blip in the big picture.
> Thanks for your time.
> Greg "only the Vice president" Gainer


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