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Re: Decision 12/97

> o Are you able to attend a meeting 1/25/98 13:00 at Al's Place?
> (If not, please let me know of alternatives, etc.)

I am. 

> o Considering the highly depressed price of Oracle shares (curently
> 23.125 vs 38.8125 at time of purchase), do you advocate purchase of
> additional shares (< $500)?

Given that the price decline was unexpected, I would like to know more
about Oracle's prospects for growth in the future. I'd like to know that
our decision was a good one (i.e., that there is a high probablility for
15% annual growth for Oracle) 

My gut feeling is this: companies that go head-to-head with Microsoft do
not have a history of faring well...

Until I can be reassured, I vote no.

My fellow HPD members: I encourage you to either sway me or support me.