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Re[2]: Decision 12/97

     I have not had an opportunity to read the Gartner report yet (75 pgs), 
     however I think it's worry of our time to look closely at what Gartner 
     has to say.  They are an objective resource as they do not accept any 
     vendor endorsements.  All their biz is through subscription to 
     corporations trying to make the same IT investment decisions.  
     BTW, I will be sending my check to Matt (still treasurer?) so as not 
     to wait til the next mtg.  
     See ya next month at Al's

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Subject: Re: Decision 12/97
Author:  borealis2024180497 <borealis@cais.com> at internet
Date:    12/16/97 7:58 AM

> o Are you able to attend a meeting 1/25/98 13:00 at Al's Place? 
> (If not, please let me know of alternatives, etc.)
I am. 
> o Considering the highly depressed price of Oracle shares (curently 
> 23.125 vs 38.8125 at time of purchase), do you advocate purchase of 
> additional shares (< $500)?
Given that the price decline was unexpected, I would like to know more 
about Oracle's prospects for growth in the future. I'd like to know that 
our decision was a good one (i.e., that there is a high probablility for 
15% annual growth for Oracle) 
My gut feeling is this: companies that go head-to-head with Microsoft do 
not have a history of faring well...
Until I can be reassured, I vote no.
My fellow HPD members: I encourage you to either sway me or support me.