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Re: CSCO split today

Shouldn't be a problem.  This can be treated essentially as split out,
and sale, of the fractional share.  Thus, the cash received in lieu of
shares is added to available cash (with its own cost), and the cost
basis for the remaining shares is re-calculated accordingly
(new_cost_basis = orig_price_per_share * 55/55.5 + orig_commision).
But, of course, I'll need to confer with our Treasurer - Gary?

-- Matt

G Gainer wrote:

> The CSCO 3-for-2 split, announces in November, is scheduled to happen
> today. I believe it does so after trading stops, so we'll see
> unnaturally low prices in our portfolios until we adjust the number of
> shares.
> Since we own an odd number of shares (37), I expect we'll end up with
> 55 shares, and the cash equivalent of half a share. If that is the
> case, we might adjust our cost basis accordingly (Gary? Matt? do we
> know how to do that?)
> Anyway, don't be scared when CSCO is trading at $52 and change
> tomorrow.
> -G
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