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Re: CSCO split today

G Gainer wrote:

> The CSCO 3-for-2 split, announces in November, is scheduled to happen
> today. I believe it does so after trading stops, so we'll see
> unnaturally low prices in our portfolios until we adjust the number of
> shares.
> Since we own an odd number of shares (37), I expect we'll end up with
> 55 shares, and the cash equivalent of half a share. If that is the
> case, we might adjust our cost basis accordingly (Gary? Matt? do we
> know how to do that?)

We probably should have done that for THI, too.  Matt, if you've got the
value that Ceres/Ameritrade credited us for the leftover half-share, I'll
subtract that amount from THI's cost basis on the dynamic valuation page.
(Whew, that's a mouthful.)  Actually, is there more to it than that?  Do we
have to account for capital gains (or losses) on the half-share that we're
"cashing out"?

I've got a few thoughts on Oracle, but I haven't had time to put them into a
coherent message to send out.  I hope to soon.