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Fw: Serial numbers for investment club members

Here are the Stock Analyzer serial numbers from Bob King.  If yours isn't on
here, please forward it to me, and I'll get the serial number from Bob.  Or,
I suppose you could send it to him direct (bobking_homepage@compuserve.com).
Bob should know that our club is called HPD, and he's corresponded with me
and got a check from Matt.


Forwarded message:


I received your club registration. Thank you!

Here are your unlocking codes:

Registration                    Unlock Code
220764774 - Matt Olson          427990979
221629182 - Greg Gainer         514939299
169630561 - Kathe Larkin-Campen 352762215
315112612 - Nancy Montague              73713438
433345167 - Joe Thomas          377918154

Let me know if you have any problems.

Bob King
Kingsoft, Inc.