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Santa Claus Rally

I saw this term for the first time today, thought you might be

"Yale Hirsch's Stock Traders Almanac tells us that the Santa Claus
Rally has come to Wall Street 34 out of the last 44 years. The rally
comes in the last five days of the year and the first two of January
for an average 1.72% gain. "If Santa should fail to call, the bears
may come to Broad and Wall." In addition to the Santa Claus rally we
have the January Effect and the January Barometer. The January Effect
is a tendency for small stocks to outperform large stocks - 40 out of
the last 44 Januarys. In the 41 of the last 46 years, the S&P 500
closing up or down in January is 89% probable that the markets will do
the same at the end of the year. This is according to Yale Hirsch -
The January Barometer."
(from www.firstadvisors.com/friedman/jf122996.html)

Take Care, 

-Greg "the education" V.P.

Ps. Don't forget our party on Saturday, December 27th (8pm). It should
be a good one.

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