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Staples Report

Staples Report

Shares Held: 69
Date Purchased:  6/9/99
HPD paid:   29.18 per share; $2,013.31
Currently Trading: 22.5  (01/05/2K)
Percentage Gain: -22.89%
Annualized Return: -39.24

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     12
   Buy                  7
   Hold                3
   Sell                  0
   Strong Sell       0

Business Wire -- StaplesLink.com Enhances E-commerce Site for
 Contract Customers; New Features Reduce Clicks And
 Provide Comprehensive Cost Monitoring

CBS MarketWatch -- Not surprisingly, some of your best bets for
e-friendly customer service are in already well-known retailers.
Extraprise picked JCrew, Gap, Nordstrom, L.L. Bean, Land's End and
Staples as the best click and mortars for customer service. All of
them allow customers to return products to the store or through the