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Lucent Report 1-00

Name:               Lucent Technologies
Stock Symbol:       LU
Shares Held:        26
Date Purchased:     10/18/99
Purchase Price:     $57.68
Currently Trading:  $72.563 close on 1/05/99
Percentage Gain   25.9%
Annualized Gain:    103.6% (held 3 months, so don't get too excited)
Broker Recommendations
   Strong Buy    15 
   Buy           17 
   Hold           6 
   Sell           0
   Strong Sell    0
   Consensus   1.71  (1=Strong Buy, 5=Strong Sell)
-= Lucent Technologies News =-
Lucent will be providing the Unified Messaging capabilities to Intel's new Linux based Web Machines.
John Kim, president and CIO of Aeltus Investment Mgt lists Lucent as one of his hot picks for 2000.
Tech Data has signed a deal to provide distribution and logistics services for Lucent's enterprise-class hardware and Software
Compuware has announced that it will increase support for Lucent hardware in their application service level management products
Lucent is providing Motorola and others with chips that allow voice dialing of cell phones.  The chips also allow cell users to be heard more clearly without having to yell into the phone.