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RE: Lucent Calling?

I think that we should use our Y2K money and buy some today...
We could take an online vote.  It is already starting to climb back.

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From: G Gainer [mailto:ggainer@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, January 07, 2000 11:13 AM
To: HPD Investment Group
Cc: Kathe Larkin; Sharon Uliana
Subject: Lucent Calling?

As you probably know, LU gave an earnings warning yesterday afternoon
that it would not meet Wall Street's expectations this quarter. It
seems that someone dropped the ball, and they're not able to provide
enough equipment to meet orders. 

The analysts, pundits, and other talking heads I saw on the tube last
night seemed to agree that LU's fundamentals have not changed, and
this should not affect the long term prospects for the company.
Nevertheless, the stock took a huge hit, and in after hours trading
was in the neighborhood of 51 3/8. 

I bought a little this morning, though not quite at that bargain
price. I'm sure we'll discuss this -- and a few more, I hope -- at
the meeting. I'll bring Jim's SA which is probably still current. (I
think the Valuline update for LU is due sometime in the next 2 weeks,
but I'll check the library today, just in case).

See you Sunday.


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