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RE: Lucent Calling?

Well our entire Y2K fund was a market timing scheme.  Lucent is one of the
stocks we had on our list to watch and it has dropped significantly, though
not strictly for a Y2k reason.

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Well, strictly speaking I think Greg can make a purchase if we can get a
quorum.  He's done it before.

I'm ambivalent about this  -- on the one hand, we're trying to time the
market and aren't following the procedures we've laid down.  On the other
hand, we have a fairly recent stock analyzer in hand (so to speak) for this
stock and money in the account.  The electronic communication has given us
an opportunity to take advantage of a market downturn.

Do we have a quorum?


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> Hate to put a damper on the conversation, but I don't think Joe's going to
> be able to purchase any today (1/7/00) -- he's in a plane as we speak, and
> probably won't be back until after the market closes. That being the case,