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Re: Lucent Calling?

Montague, Nancy wrote:

> Well, strictly speaking I think Greg can make a purchase if we can get a
> quorum.  He's done it before.

Perhaps, but does anyone but Joe know how much money we've got? I don't think
Joe's sent out a new Treasurer's Report yet, and he recently mentioned that the
last transfer to Ameritrade may have bounced because Presidential was late
processing the most recent deposits.

I've got no problem with backing another Lucent purchase, but I'm not crazy
about the precedent this would set -- how many members haven't checked their
email today? How many of those members might have some important feedback on
this issue? Regardless of the NAIC's position on trying to time the market, I'd
question whether it's a realistic goal given the nature and logistics of our
group, electronic communication notwithstanding. I vote to wait and discuss it
on Sunday.