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Treasurer's Report January 2000

We've had some troubles this month.  As best as I can determine,
December contributions of $720 were credited to someone else's account
at Presidential.  This caused our $2500 check to Ameritrade to bounce.
Presidential didn't charge us a bounce fee, but Ameritrade hit us for

I only pieced this together today, and have just e-mailed Nancy the
scans of our December desposit receipt, as well as our November
statement from Presidential.  Hopefully Nancy can get this straighetened
out with Presidential.  Thanks for looking into this, Nancy.

Because of these problems, there may be some adjustments needed for this
month's statements.  Provisionally, valuation units are worth $20.317
this month.  Our stock portfolio is worth $51,696.95.  We should have
$1,151.34 cash in Ameritrade, and $2,682.20 in Presidential.