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Banking issues

Hello all,
Here is information about the deposit problem from last month.

The money did go into the wrong account.

As of yesterday afternoon, the money was redeposited into our account.  I
have the deposit slip.

It was not a bank error.  I did write the wrong deposit number on the
deposit slip, and unfortunately it was somebody's account number, therefore
the computer accepted it.  The name on the account does not appear on the
teller's computer screen when the deposit is processed and they do not check
every deposit.  I do not have preprinted deposit slips and the account
number on our statements is not the one that goes onto the deposit slips for
some reason -- two zeroes need to be added and I put them in the wrong
place.  I will make every effort to ensure that doesn't happen again.

There is a remote chance that we will be reimbursed the $25 for the bounced
check charge -- the bank manager is looking into it. 
I have given them copies of the documentation on the Ameritrade charge that
Joe sent to me. 

I am sorry.  

This month's deposits went into the correct account.