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Re: Interesting article, I thought

Really I was also talking about 'value' investing (buying bargains)
-not quite synonymous with 'contrarian' (buying what everyone is
dumping, selling what everyone is buying). Both are just refinements
of the first rule of investing: buy low, sell high.

BTW -my email truncated the end of article. Nancy, could you send a
link if it's available, or resend as an attachment? Thanks.


--- Kathe428@aol.com wrote:
> I agree.  Thankfully NAIC investing principals have prevented us
> from 
> considering any stocks that have not publicly traded for 5 years,
> ie internet 
> stocks.   I read an interesting article on the Fools website
> (sorry, I don't 
> have the link).  But the jest (no pun here!) of it was that in 10
> years from 
> now new investors won't know what "internet" stocks are because by
> then we 
> will have learned that the internet is a technology as opposed to a
> business 
> industry. 
> ...live from snow covered Annandale, 
> Kathe
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