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Mailing List/Archives

Hi All:

Two things, somewhat related: as you may have noticed, the email archive
on the web site hasn't been working so well recently -- depending on
whether you view the messages by date or thread, it looks like the last
message was posted either February 3 or December 28 of last year.

So, having updated the addresses in the member database (everybody go
check and make sure their info is right!), Joe's going to take a crack
at fixing the archive next. In the past, we've discovered that the
MHonArc mail software doesn't handle attachments terribly well. We've
tried to rectify that problem several times in the past, but it seems to
keep popping up.

This brings me to my second point: I know I've mentioned it before, but
since we *are* archiving messages in theory (even though they're not
displaying properly at the moment, they should still be saved on the
server), I think it's important to keep the messages somewhat relevant
to investing, group meetings, personal finance, etc.

I know that typing <hpd@woodland.org> is convenient shorthand for
sending fellow members a party invitation, top ten list or whatever,
rather than having to address it to everyone separately. But please
remember before you hit send that the message will then be saved on our
site for the foreseeable future -- and if it's not "this-listy" and has
a short shelf-life, it probably shouldn't be there.

Hope no one takes offense at this -- I've sent some pretty off-topic
messages myself (remember when Al showed up at the Lewinsky hearings and
the Post covered it?), so I'm not casting stones. A few scattered here
and there is one thing, but several off-topic posts a week will clutter
the archive pretty fast, and work counter to its purpose (i.e. finding
old info quickly without having to sort through one's own cluttered

If anyone has any concerns about this policy, then let's discuss them
here -- otherwise, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Hit Play, Dagnabbit,