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Staples Report

Staples Report

Shares Held: 69
Date Purchased:  6/9/99
HPD paid:   29.18 per share; $2,013.31
Currently Trading: 27.81  (02/11/2K)
Percentage Gain: -4.69%
Annualized Return: -7.04

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     13
   Buy                 7
   Hold               2
   Sell                 0
   Strong Sell      0

Staples.com Confirms Buys 10% Stake In BizBuyer.com

  The companies will create an e-marketplace on
  Staples.com where customers can quickly and easily buy
  and sell business products and services
  using BizBuyer's buyer-driven quote request service.

  Through BizBuyer.com, buyers and sellers are brought together through
  an online, business-to-business marketplace that allows small-
  to-medium-sized businesses to put their product and service needs out
  for competitive bid to thousands of qualified vendors. Businesses can
  save valuable time and money in the purchasing process by reviewing
  buying guides, comparing customized quotes and viewing vendor
  profiles and ratings from other buyers before making an informed
  purchasing decision. Currently, BizBuyer.com has more than 20,000
  vendors registered to bid throughout 57 product and service categories

  that range from computer services and equipment, Internet services
  and insurance to financial and legal services, travel and
  and sales, marketing and creative services.