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Dell Report

Dell Report

Shares Held: 24
Date Purchased:  11/14/99
HPD paid:   41.90 per share; $1,005.50
Currently Trading: 38.00  (2/11/2K)
Percentage Gain: -9.31%
Annualized Return: -37.24%

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     12
   Buy            18
   Hold            6
   Sell            0
   Strong Sell     0

It is actually on its way back up.

There has been quite a bit writen about Dell on the Motley Fool lately.

 Dell Computer shares crept higher Friday, after the company reported
 a 2.6 percent gain in fourth-quarter profit, matching analysts'
 reduced estimates, as sales jumped by almost a third.

 Looking forward, Mike Kwatinetz, an analyst at Credit Suisse First
 Boston, said that the company should benefit as Microsoft (MSFT: news,
 msgs) rolls out Windows 2000. "Dell will be the prime beneficiary,
 followed by Compaq to a lesser degree," he offered.

 ...Dell has done a "major embrace of Linux over the last six months."

  "This is a blow-out quarter for most companies," said Megan
  of S&P Equity Group.  "These are numbers that every company would die

  Instead, Dell merely matched analysts' expectations, which in this
case had
  been lowered beforehand because of the company's January profit