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MCK stock report & diversification file

I'm unable to print at home, so I thought I'd send this out prior to our 
meeting.  I've  attached the Excel spreadsheet, updated to show current 
status of HPDs diversification.  Also, I've posted a new MCK stock analyzer 
to the web site.  

See ya soon, Kathe

MCK Stock Status report:

Shares Held: 16
Date Purchased:   13 Jan 99 (after merger w HBOC)
HPD paid:   $74.0569
Currently Trading:      $ 18 7/8  @ 4 pm EDT, 11 Feb 2000 
Percentage Gain:     ($ 71.81)%
Annualized Return:   ($ 74.51)  (held ~ 12 months)

current unrealized loss ($ 882.91)

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy:              2
   Moderate Buy:          2
   Hold:                      14     
   Moderate Sell:          0
   Strong Sell:              0 

Most recent Value Line analysis (12/10/99) 

-reduced timeliness ranking to 5
-2nd Qtr results show a 20% loss in the ITB biz segment
-Healthcare supply sales gained over 25%, but margins reduced by new contract 
costs, etc
-lawsuits still pending 
-confidence low, however investors with "plenty of patience" may see 
appreciation in 2002-2004
-overall, revenues are up 

Apr 3 dividend payment of $0.06 

Q3 report due out next week, expected EPS to increase over last year to 0.33 
In the news:

MAH (MCK automated healthcare) has a new president, focus on e-supply.

Abaton.com, another MCK biz unit devolped a partnedship agreement w Advance 
Paradigm to launch a web based pilot program for docs to write RXs that are 
compliant w various insurance companies and reduce risks associated adverse 
drug reactions.