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Staples Report

Staples Report

Shares Held: 109
Date Purchased:  09/09/99
HPD paid:   27.60 per share; $2,013.31
Currently Trading: 21.25  (03/23/2K)
Percentage Gain: -23%
Annualized Return: -46%

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     11
   Buy                  7
   Hold                3
   Sell                  0
   Strong Sell       0

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--Staples Inc. plans to expand its online
small business sales operations through Web site enchancements
and new service partners, including McAfee.com Corp.

In a press release Monday, the office supplies company said it also
signed agreements with digital printing company NowDocs.com, online
tax preparation site TaxLogic and Web site developer CloudSource.

Staples.com will market services from the alliances to expand its
small business offerings in its Business Solutions Center.

Beginning today, business commuters should keep their eyes open for
walking, talking Staples.com office supply cabinets as Staples.com
launches a guerrilla marketing campaign in Boston, New York and San
Francisco. The Staples.com one-to-one marketing outreach will take
the company's message to small business with sample products and a
chance to win a year's worth of free office supplies, a value of up
to $10,000.