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Dell Report

Dell Report

Shares Held: 24
Date Purchased:  11/14/99
HPD paid:   41.90 per share; $1,005.50
Currently Trading: $57.94  (3/23/2K)
Percentage Gain: 38.28%
Annualized Return: 114.84%

Broker Recommendations:
   Strong Buy     17
   Buy                13
   Hold                4
   Sell                  0
   Strong Sell       0

ROUND ROCK, Texas (Dow Jones)--Dell Computer Corp. (DELL, news, msgs)
cut prices by up to 13% on its 220, 420 and 620 Precision Workstation

In a press release Wednesday, the company said the 220 workstation will
cost $2,121 and the 420 workstation will be priced at $3,283. Dell
Precision Workstations are designed for professional users.

Earlier this month, Dell cut the prices and added features to its WebPC,

with prices now starting at $699.