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Club termination

Title: Club termination

Hello Everyone,

After a great deal of thinking, I have decided to withdraw from the club. Hopefully no one will take this personal. The last few years have been educational as well as profitable and for that I am certainly appreciative. First and foremost, I am making this decision because I just have not been able to dedicate an adequate level of effort toward my club responsibilities and unfortunately, I don't see this condition changing any time soon. Secondly, my investment style has deviated from the structured approach that we are following within the club. My current style of "flying by the seat of my pants on industry instinct" in primarily the tech sector has been paying off well and when the tech sector dries up, I will likely move my investments under the control of a investment advisor. Finally, my resent move to Leesburg puts me pretty far out of the proximity of many of our meetings.  Again, I enjoyed participating in HPD and I'm really sorry for not staying with it for the long term like I initially intended. I am totally flexible as to how you choose to pay me out and when you choose to do so. Please just let me know what you all decide on after your next meeting.


--- Mike Hughes